Is Malay Difficult to Learn?


Yes we do. We are locally born Chinese in Malaysia, we speak the native English, Malay and Chinese which the world can understand. Besides English to Chinese translation, we specialise in Malay to Chinese bilingual translation too.

Yes, that is one of the service we are providing. However, due to Covid-19 pandemic, we encourage to use electronics and online method to perform the services, if face to face is critical, we will attend to the request and apply to the strict SOP rules and personal hygiene. And usually face to face translation onsite service will be more expensive as it will involve transportation fees and traveling allowance too.

Yes, this is the most popular service and on high demand now. We convey the courses over zoom or skype online. The course is designed according to your needs and pace.


Students at primary level are taught the foundations of proficiency in speech, listening, writing and reading in Malay.  At the secondary level, the syllabus used for the Malay language focuses on furthering the students’ use and acquisition of effective Malay language. This ensures that their improved communication skills can facilitate them having a grasp of the Malay culture, language, values, and literature.




a. 一对一线上马来语学习班

b. Whatsapp马来文学习小组


We are  proud of having our students mastered Malay conversational in a relatively short amount of time. The classes emphasize on daily life interactions, meantime abiding to the comprehensive curriculum for Malay grammars. This is due to our designed unique proprietary and proven learning system, you will be able to understand and manage dialogues for most daily life situations in as little as 40 hours.

Jess Chong and her team will share a conversation/ material in Malay to the whatsapp group on a daily basis. Throughout the explanation and discussion of the conversation/ material, students in the group are able to learn and pick up their vocabulary on a daily basis.

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