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Certified Malay and Chinese Interpreter in Malaysia

My Translation Guru is established to provide professional Chinese to Malay translation service in Malaysia. We specialize in native Chinese to Malay translation service in Malaysia; to support and encourage social harmony and peace.

Our translation services come in handy when you need official document to be translated in professional manner or face to face onsite interpretation for your overseas clients meeting events.

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We use the right words with correct pronunciation, preserve the original meaning according to local cultural inclination and ensure its naturalness and proficiency for all our rendered translated copies or interpretation services. Only when the translated copy or interpretation work is accurate and high quality, it helps in Increasing your global brand visibility.

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We are strategically located in Kuala Lumpur and near to Putra Jaya. Be it onsite interpretation, over-the-phone interpretation, on-video interpretation or official document translation, we make them avail to you at your convenience. Our services are fully supported by unbeatable Satisfaction Guarantee Initiatives. Enhance your communication and relationship with your overseas customers now with our translation service today.


With our exceptional niche experience, every copy or transcription is meticulous curated, ensure the final copy is proofreading and easy to read. Our written article on "Malay Language - The National Language of Malaysia" is being chosen to be featured on Dewan Bahasa online publication. Thus, a great translated document boost credibility in confidentiality and professionalism and eventually upgrade your firm's reputation in foreign market.

Doctor of Business Administration of City University
Graduation 1

Malay language instructor

Certified Translator

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Jess Chong

Assistant Professor Dr. 

Certified Translator of Malaysian Translators Association (MTA) and International Federation of Translators (FIT-IFT)


Certified Translator of Malaysia MTA

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Chinese to Malay Translation Service in Malaysia

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Top Frequently Asked Questions

The Malay language is officially announced as the national language in Malaysia.

Students at primary level are taught the foundations of proficiency in speech, listening, writing and reading in Malay.  At the secondary level, the syllabus used for the Malay language focuses on furthering the students’ use and acquisition of effective Malay language.This ensures that their improved communication skills can facilitate them having a grasp of the Malay culture, language, values, and literature.

However, learning Malay language seems to be a tough job for Chinese, especially for the adults who do not have the exposure in Malay language or the environment to speak Malay in their daily life.

As far as languages go, Bahasa Malaysia (or BM, as the locals call it) is one of the easiest to learn. This is because it doesn’t have conjugations, no gender, no verb, no singular or plural, no past, present or future tenses, and the pronunciations are pretty straight forward across the board.

Many expatriates whom station and live in Malaysia find that they don’t actually need to learn the local language to survive on a daily basic needs, since a large majority of Malaysians speak fluent English. However, some have made the decision to learn based on a desire to understand the local culture and lifestyle.

a. 1 to 1 Online Malay Learning Class

b. Whatsapp Malay Language Learning Group

In general, it takes about 3 to 4 months with at least 2-3 lesson weekly. Each lesson about 1 to 1.5 hours. The key is you will to practice, and be brave to communicate it to a Malay friend around you. We are here to guide you along and make sure you use the correct words and adjust the lesson according to your progress.

Yes, this is the most popular service and on high demand. We convey the courses over zoom or skype online. The course is designed according to your needs and pace.

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