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Covid-19 Latest Updates from My Translation Guru

To Our Customers and Students,

On behalf of all of us at My Translation Guru, please allow us to honor those on the front lines during these unprecedented times. We honor the heroes, from nurses, doctors, safety distancing ambassadors, healthcare providers in our country who are working hard in fighting the spread of COVID-19, putting their own health at risk to protect our human kind.

At home, My Translation Guru committed to the well-being of our community. We proactively adapt ourselves with work-from-home and social distance measure. We continue to provide remote translation, online interpretation services and tutoring lessons. We will use Google Meetings, Skype, Zoom or even wechat or whatsapp to render our translation or tutoring support. Please email me at jess@mytranslationguru.com or message us via whatsapp or wechat with any special request!

Stop the COVID-19 spread and do not stop the spread of love and care. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay connected online.

Jess Chong
Chinese and Malay Translator in Kuala Lumpur